Syria: Regime Forces Raiding Baba Amr District


The Syrian army has launched since Tuesday evening a ground assault against the rebel stronghold of Baba Amr, Homs, which has been pounded for more than three weeks.

A Syrian security source in Damascus told AFP on Wednesday: “The district is under control. The army has already made clearing block by block, house by house, and now the soldiers are searching every cave and tunnel in search of weapons and terrorists” , the source said, adding there are “still a few pockets of resistance” in this bombed-out neighborhood

This information confirmed by the opposition. “The Syrian army encircles Baba Amr and there is heavy fighting with the free Syrian Army deserters” , said Hadi Abdullah, Commissioner General of the Syrian Revolution . He said the fighting is taking place particularly on the side of Inchaat district, an adjacent district to the north. For its part, the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights has reported “fighting in Baba Amr between the regular army and deserters who try to prevent the assault of the neighborhood while explosions and gunfire were heard in other parts of the city ” .

Hadi Abdullah conveyed the regime’s forces have discovered on Tuesday “the secret way that linked Baba Amr with the outside world and have blown up it, injuring a number of people who were there”. This water line of several miles long used to transport food, medicines and the injured foreign journalists.

On Tuesday the 4th division of the 1st Army Corps, led by Maher Al-Assad, the president’s brother, was sent as reinforcement around the neighborhood, according to activists.

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