Syria: President Accepts Cabinet Resignations


Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday accepted the resignation of the government Cabinet chaired by Mohammad Naji Otri, reports local media.

According to the Syrian state news agency SANA, President al-Assad tasked the resigned government with conducting affairs until a new government is formed.


Meanwhile, SANA is reporting that throughout the country there are pro-government rallies, with citizens “expressing loyalty to the motherland.”

The participants in the rallies seek to voice support for the comprehensive reform program led by President Bashar al-Assad, according toSANA.

SANA reporters in Damascus and other Syrian provinces mentioned “that all the spectrums of the Syrian people have flocked to the big squares since the early morning to express their loyalty to the homeland rejecting all attempts of sowing sedition which target the exemplary coexistence prevailing among the Syrian citizens.”

There are reports that President Assad is expected to soon address the nation and to announce the lifting of emergency law, as well as to remove various restrictions on civil liberties.

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