Pakistan: Death Toll In Karachi At 24


The death toll from unrest in the Pakistani city of Karachi has reached 24 people according to reports on Sunday from law enforcement officials.

For the third day in the Liyari area of the city there has been continuing unrest and clashes between criminal groups, supporters of several political movements and law enforcement officials.

According to reports automatic weapons are being used against the police, as well as grenade launchers and hand grenades.

Due to the rapidly deteriorating situation, the authorities decided to conduct a special operation to search for extremists.

Liyari is now cordoned off and law enforcement officers are conducting sweeps of the area.

Karachi has recently turned into an arena of bloody clashes between the major political movements and extremist groups, with the reasons for the hostilities not completely clear but going way back into the tangled history of society in the city.


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