Libya: Tripoli Parliament Head Negotiator Pulls Out Of Talks


Hopes are dissipating for an accord between the warring sides in Libya, after the delegation head of the General National Congress (GNC, Tripoli parliament not internationally recognized), stepped down from his role just hours ahead of another round of talks set for today in Morocco.

Salah Makzhoum gave no explanation for his decision, and resigned also as deputy speaker of the parliament.

The GNC and Islamists of the Libya Dawn coalition, which controls Tripoli since August 2014, did not sign a deal for the formation of a national unity government signed on July 12 in Skhirat, in Morocco, by their former Misrata allies that foresees the inclusive administration for a year, headed by a premier and two deputies, but only with one legislative body, the internationally recognized Tobruk parliament.

It remains unclear whether today’s meeting – under the aegis of the UN envoy Bernardino Leon – is still confirmed.


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