Egyptian Actresses Trolled Over Niqab, Bikini Photos


By Shounaz Mekky

Egyptian actresses Nelly Karim and Hala Shiha have been criticized over pictures they posted on social media, slamming them for what they were wearing.

Karim was trolled after she shared a picture of her wearing a bikini on a beach. While this week, former actress Shiha shared a picture on Facebook of her wearing a veil.

Ex-actress Hala Shiha. Photo credit: Hala Shiha, Wikipedia Commons.
Ex-actress Hala Shiha. Photo credit: Hala Shiha, Wikipedia Commons.

“When actors post pictures on personal social media, they understand those platforms are public and should accept a backlash may follow,” art critic Magda Khairallah told Arab News.

Karim’s photo was of her in a non-provocative pose, showing little of her body. But some still reacted angrily.

Comments included: “We did not expect that from a star like you,” while another remarked: “I used to respect you, why did you do this?” and: “why are you wearing a bikini?”

Meanwhile Shiha’s photo of her veiled also sparked a backlash.

People said she looked like a “trash bag,” while others doubted it was her, as her face was covered.

Shiha first wore a headscarf during the filming of 2006 film “Kamil El Awsaf.”

At the time, fans embraced her decision. She later left acting and moved to the US to preach Islam.

“I personally think Karim’s picture was normal given she was wearing what people usually wear on the beach,” Khairallah said.

“Some people are not aware of the fine line between an actor’s lifestyle and private beliefs, and try too hard to force their opinions on them.”

The critic said fans might have questioned Shiha’s motives for posting a photo of her wearing a niqab, when other Egyptian actresses who quit and wore veils, left the public eye. “People may have reacted that way because they were suspicious of the message she could be trying to convey.”

“But impolite comments are definitely unacceptable.”

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