Saudi Arabia Arrests 43 Terror Suspects, Including US and Belgian Citizens


Forty-three suspects from Asia, Europe, North America and Africa have been arrested in a recent crackdown on terrorists.
They were detained by Saudi Arabia security forces during the past nine days. This takes the total number of those who have been caught since Muharram 1 (Oct. 14) to 71.

According to a source, among the suspects held are four South Africans, a US national and Belgian national.

“The Belgian national was arrested on Nov. 21 for his involvement in cases of terrorism,” the source said.

On Safar 5 (Nov. 17), the source said that intelligence and security agencies seized seven suspects, three of whom were Saudis, two Yemenis, and one each from Syria and Afghanistan.

On Nov. 19, six Saudi terror suspects were arrested.

“The largest number of arrests was carried out on Nov. 22, when 12 terror suspects were arrested, including six Saudis and four South Africans.

Arab News

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