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Cleanup Continuing Of Crude Oil Spill By ExxonMobil Pipeline Company


Cleanup operations were continuing at the site of a spill of crude oil on remote rural property near Torbert LA, ExxonMobil Pipeline Company said Monday.

“ExxonMobil Pipeline Company regrets that this spill has occurred and we apologize for any disruption or inconvenience,” the company said.

The oil from the North Line crude pipeline was contained in the immediate area and recovery efforts began on Sunday. Crews used vacuum trucks to recover the oil. Additional resources will be available on Monday as necessary, the company said.

The company noted there were no injuries. Air quality monitoring was conducted in the impacted area and confirmed no danger to the public. Additional air monitoring will continue.

“ExxonMobil Pipeline Company regrets that this spill has occurred and we apologize for any disruption or inconvenience,” said Karen Tyrone, southern operations manager. “Our crews will be on location until the cleanup has been completed. Fortunately the oil was contained in the immediate area which will enhance our recovery efforts.”

The cleanup is being coordinated with local authorities, including the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality. Notification to the Environmental Protection Agency and other agencies has taken place.

The cause of the spill was under investigation, the company said, noting that a preliminary estimate of approximately 1,900 barrels of oil was provided to regulatory authorities. An early spill volume estimate is required to support planning of response efforts by regulatory agencies and other responders. Once the incident investigation is complete, the spill volume estimate will be updated.

The North Line is a 22-inch pipeline which originates in St. James, Louisiana and carries crude oil to the northern part of Louisiana. The pipeline was shut down after a loss in pressure was identified on Saturday night.

Customers have been notified and efforts are under way to minimize any potential impacts, the company said.

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