Israel: Netanyahu Warns Hamas Over Gaza Escalation


sraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday said Hamas was responsible for maintaining calm and prevent the firing of rockets from the Gaza Strip, even if the recent firing was carried out by the Islamic Jihad. Netanyahu said in a statement broadcast on Israel Radio today that Israel’s policy towards Gaza is based on two grounds. The first is “kill those who intend to kill you.” According to him, we have information on everyone who is preparing to launch rockets at Israel, and we will target them in order to thwart the launch.

He added that the second basis, which directs Israel’s policy is: “Those who harm us dig their grave in their hands, “he said. The Israeli leader also “recommended no to test Israel’s power.

However, Netanyahu conveyed that his country is not interested in escalation, “but we will defend ourselves in accordance with these principles.”

Netanyahu spoke as Israel violated the calm with the Gaza-based Palestinian groups. One Islamic Jihad activists was killed in an Israeli raid today. Yesterday, about 10 Palestinians and an Israeli were killed in the fire exchanges.

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