Saudi Arabia Offers Sacrificial Meat For 7,200 Syrian Families


More than 43,000 kilograms of sacrificial meat were distributed among Syrian refugees by the Saudi National Campaign on Sunday to help the Syrian refugees in Jordan. The meat distribution undertaken as per the directives of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah and under the supervision of Interior Minister Prince Ahmed, supervisor general of Saudi National Campaign to help the Syrian refugees, benefited 7,200 Syrian refugee families.

The Jordanian Hashimite Charity Organization also collaborated with the Saudi campaign in the distribution of the meat, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

Regional Director of the Saudi campaign Badr Al-Samhan said the sacrificial meat is a gift from the Saudi people who wanted to share the happiness of the Eid celebration with their Syrian brethren who had to flee their home.

The meat packets were distributed in refugee camps at Sahab and King Abdullah Gardens, Cyber City Complex refugee camps. The project is part of the food supply scheme of the campaign which ensures food security of Syrian refugee families in Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon.

The Syrian refugees expressed their thanks to the Saudi people’s gesture of assistance.

A group of Syrian volunteers living in Saudi Arabia had earlier launched a charitable campaign to collect and deliver sacrificial meat to Syria.

They delivered the collected meat to Damascus, Damascus suburbs, Hama, Aleppo, Deer ezzor, Laziqqiyah, Edleb and Der’ah. They formed committees responsible for collecting donations from donors wanting to give their sacrifices to Syrians living under the Syrian army’s strikes.

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