Where Does Pakistan Stand In Gaza-Israel Conflict? – OpEd


Pakistan has a long history of supporting the Palestinian cause. This support is rooted in a strong sense of solidarity with the Palestinian people and their struggle for self-determination and a just resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Pakistan has consistently supported Palestinian statehood and has called for the establishment of a viable and independent Palestinian state based on internationally recognized borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital. Pakistan has also been vocal in condemning Israeli actions that are seen as detrimental to the peace process.

Likewise, Pakistan has consistently supported United Nations resolutions that call for the rights and self-determination of the Palestinian people. This includes resolutions supporting the two-state solution and the rights of Palestinian refugees. Pakistan has provided humanitarian aid to Palestinian people, including financial assistance and support for development projects in the Palestinian territories. Pakistan has also supported Palestinian refugees through its contributions to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA).

Pakistan’s support for the Palestinian cause is not limited to the government; it is also seen in the broader Pakistani society. Pro-Palestinian rallies, demonstrations, and public expressions of solidarity with Palestine have been common in Pakistan. Pakistan has used its position in international forums to advocate for the rights and cause of the Palestinian people. It has been an active participant in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and other forums where the Palestinian issue is discussed.

Many Pakistani people have expressed strong feelings of solidarity and empathy for the Palestinian people and their struggle for self-determination. The Palestinian cause resonates with a significant portion of the Pakistani population. Pakistan is a predominantly Muslim country, and Palestinian territories hold great religious significance, particularly in Jerusalem, which is home to some of the holiest sites in Islam. This religious connection often deepens the emotional bond between Pakistanis and Palestinians.

Pakistan has a history of supporting Palestinian cause, which has been reinforced by various governments and political leaders. This historical solidarity has contributed to the Pakistani people’s support for Palestine.The Palestinian-Israeli conflict has resulted in humanitarian crises, including loss of life, displacement, and suffering among the Palestinian population. These humanitarian concerns resonate with people in Pakistan who are empathetic towards the plight of Palestinians. Many Pakistanis have a strong sense of justice and fairness, and they view the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as an injustice. This leads to a desire to see a just and peaceful resolution to the conflict that respects the rights and aspirations of the Palestinian people.

Increased access to international news and social media has made people in Pakistan more aware of global events, including the ongoing situation in the Palestinian territories. This awareness has contributed to a sense of empathy and concern for the Palestinian people. Various civil society organizations and activists in Pakistan have organized rallies, protests, and other forms of advocacy in support of the Palestinian cause, further mobilizing public sentiment.

Quaid-i-Azam on 8 Nov 1945 said that the Muslims of India would not remain mere spectators. They would help the Arabs in Palestine by all possible means. Since independence, Pakistani nation has remained emotionally linked with the Palestinian nation and has been a staunch supporter of the Palestinian cause.  Pakistani nation is in the state of extreme distress and infuriated over recent genocide of innocent Palestinian brothers, sisters and children by barbarous Israeli forces. Thousands of Pakistani men, women and children have marched across the streets of Pakistan to express their heartfelt solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Pakistani nation has remained a staunch supporter of creation of an independent Palestinian state and advocates a two-state solution which it considers is a key to enduring peace in the Middle East.  Pakistan has long expressed concerns about the Israeli government’s systematic repression of Palestinians and recognized the reality of Israel’s abusive repression.

Pakistan has consistently supported the creation of an independent Palestinian state and has advocated for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This position reflects Pakistan’s longstanding commitment to the principles of self-determination and justice for the Palestinian people. Pakistan’s support for a two-state solution is in line with international consensus and has been expressed in various forums and through diplomatic channels.

The two-state solution envisions the establishment of an independent and viable Palestinian state alongside Israel, with internationally recognized borders and East Jerusalem as its capital. This approach is seen as a way to address the aspirations and rights of both the Israeli and Palestinian people and to achieve a peaceful resolution to the longstanding conflict. Pakistan’s advocacy for a two-state solution includes its participation in international organizations and forums, where it consistently supports United Nations resolutions and initiatives aimed at advancing the peace process. Pakistan has also called for an end to Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories and a just resolution to the issues related to borders, refugees, and the status of Jerusalem.

Overall, Pakistan’s stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict aligns with the broader international consensus and reflects its commitment to a just and lasting resolution that respects the rights and aspirations of both Israelis and Palestinians. Pakistan’s commitment to the Palestinian cause isn’t merely rhetorical; it is among one of the few countries to have taken lead in providing humanitarian aid to Palestinian people that has already reached Egypt for further passage to the victims.

Shaikh Moazam Khan

Shaikh Moazam Khan is an Islamabad based expert of strategic affairs.

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