Statement On Qantas Flight 72 Reported Compensation Payouts


By Lyall Mercer, Principal of Mercer PR

It is unusual for a public relations firm to publicly comment on a project however in this situation I believe it is important to showcase the positive power of the media and the good that can be achieved through publicity.

Mercer PR was proud to play an important role in assisting the passengers of QANTAS Flight 72, which dramatically plunged in 2008 while en route to Perth from Singapore.

By bringing attention to the approaching statute of limitations affecting the pending lawsuit we were able, with the assistance of the nation’s media, to connect our client – a leading international aviation attorney – with many people who were on the flight but unaware of the lawsuit.

As a result, many more passengers that suffered the traumatic experience on QF72 were able to participate in this action.

We congratulate the attorney for his passionate and diligent work and thank the Australian media for spreading the word and alerting passengers to the available legal process.

While we cannot comment on any reported compensation and are unaware of the legal details, no one should decry any compensation payouts. The passengers and crew on board QF72 experienced a situation no person should ever have to live through. Most believed they would not survive but thankfully they did. We wish them well and hope any compensation will help them move on.

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