Iran: FM Zarif Decries US Presence In Persian Gulf


Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said deployment of a US aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf would create tensions in the region.

In an interview with China’s Phoenix TV, Zarif said the US’ military presence in the Persian Gulf is illegal and would add to tensions.

He said the dispatch of a US aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf would create tensions, adding that increased presence of Americans in the Persian Gulf has always posed threats to the regional states.

Zarif also dismissed speculations by some Chinese analysts that Iran will have to enter talks with the US after six months, saying Iran will never negotiate with the US in an emergency.

The US, which has withdrawn from the Iran nuclear deal, is the party that should return to negotiations, the minister said.

Zarif underlined that the US could not block the export of Iranian oil, saying such a move would push Washington into policies that will create chaos in the world.

As regards the US pullout from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Zarif said Iran would take a tougher line if it returned to three years ago to the time of nuclear negotiations.

Elsewhere, the Iranian minister called on China to take into account its age-old ties with Iran to stand against the US bullying policies.

Hailing the close cooperation between Tehran and Beijing, Zarif described Iran as a reliable partner of China, pledging that the Islamic Republic will never politicize plans to supply China’s energy demands.

Tasnim News Agency

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