Gaddafi Son Prefers To Die Than Surrender


Saif al-Islam Gaddafi has completely dismissed the recent news about his intention to surrender to the International Criminal Court in The Hague. According to the son of the slain Libyan leader, “that was just one (report) in a campaign of disinformation which is faced by the supporters of Gaddafi.” He added that this news will not discourage the resistance in Libya.

The “Seven Days News” website which published Saif al-Islam’s message is close to the former Libyan regime.

In the recent message, Saif al-Islam warned his supporters against the press reports about his intention to surrender. He expected tht athe distribution of false information will continue additional two months. He urged his loyalists of his father’s regime to be patient and vigilant amid “efforts of creating doubts in the hearts of everyone.”

Saif al-Islam hinted he is on the Libyan soil-while the former intelligence chief Abdullah Sanusi, is outside Libya, as he said: “Some people say we are arrested, which means that it will be handed over to the ICC while others claim that we handed over ourselves, and this analysis is wrong in the sense that brother Abdullah Sanusi is outside Libya. While the reports say I was detained, how can both of us will be handed over as reported the news?! “.

Saif al-Islam stressed he could not betray his father, who did not give up and never cheated: “We do not give up. We will win or die.”

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