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Prof. Souaiaia teaches at the University of Iowa with joint appointments in International Studies, Religious Studies, and the College of Law. He is the author of the book, Contesting Justice. Website: Opinions expressed herein are the author’s, speaking as a citizen on matters of public interest; not speaking for the university or any other organization with which he is affiliated.


Articles by Ahmed E. Souaiaia :

The Failings Of The Process Of Drafting And Adopting The Egyptian Constitution – Analysis

The most convincing argument for rushing the vote on the new constitution is that having a new constitution will move

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Recognizing New Syrian National Coalition Alone Won’t End War In Syria – Analysis

Those who doubt Lakhdar Brahimi’s assessment of the crisis in Syria ought to rethink their position. His ostensibly naïve initiative

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Why Do Arab Rulers Want A Ceasefire In Gaza But Not In Syria? – OpEd

On average, over one hundred people, many of whom are civilians, have died every day in Syria for the past

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U.S. Middle East Foreign Policy Needs Upgrade – OpEd

The third presidential debate in the United States’ race focused on foreign policy. In reality, there was no real debate.

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Why Is The US-Islamic World Relation So Fragile? – OpEd

President Obama offered renewed hope when he promised to usher in an era of mutual respect with the Islamic world.

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Why Did The Syrian Crisis Slow Turkey’s Rise? – Analysis


Up until two years ago, Turkey’s status and influence were the envy of its neighbors. It was enjoying a thriving

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Can Non-Violent Resistance And Armed Rebellion Co-Exist? – Analysis

With two superpowers emphatically vetoing three UNSC resolutions on three different occasions, the world could not be more divided about

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End Of Populism In Syria: It’s About Rights, Not About Getting It Right – OpEd

The Arab Spring has provided scholars and analysts with a laboratory to observe radical social change. Tunisia and Egypt taught

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Proxy Wars: Is US Supporting Al-Qaeda-Like Groups In Syria? – Analysis

For the second time in several months, Russia and China have vetoed a UNSC resolution concerning Syria. The double veto

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