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Brett Daniel Shehadey is a writer, commentator and holds an M.A. in Strategic Intelligence from AMU and a B.S. in Political Science from UCLA.


Articles by Brett Daniel Shehadey :

In Syria: Any Retaliation Comes One Step Too Late – OpEd

US authorities remain as indecisive as they did for the previous two and a half years- always one step behind

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A 21st Century US-Cuban Relations Review – OpEd

After reading a really interesting article about Cuba in Foreign Affairs called “Cuba After Communism: The Economic Reforms that are

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What’s With Al Qaeda And Prison Breaks? – OpEd

A little bit of success goes a long way. After al Qaeda in Iraq broke hundreds to thousands of prisoners

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Beyond Terrorism As We Know It: The Future Of Jihadist Families In The US – OpEd

After two bombings, a chase, a shoot-out, a murdered MIT police officer, the Boston police force, with the help of

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Pondering New Syria – Analysis

In the immediate aftermath of the Bashar al Assad’s Regime, Syria will likely undergo an extremely violent and unstable alternative.

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Tracking Secretary Kerry’s Travels – OpEd

In the US, the Secretary of State is the diplomatic face of the nation. The image of these office holders

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Dragon In Eagle’s Shadow – OpEd

China has plans to move on claimed territories in the Pacific. It plans to become the imminent dominant regional player.

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