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The Caucasian Review of International Affairs (CRIA) is a German-based, quarterly peer-reviewed free, not-for-profit and online academic journal.


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In Wrong Hands: Los Zetas And Gun Laws That Help Them Thrive

By Devin Parsons It is possible for terror to originate from a recognized symbol of power, safety, and strength. When

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Religion And Its Importance In International Politics: A Case Study Of 2008 Russian-Georgian War

By Dr. Ines-Jacqueline Werkner War is “contrary to the will of God”, according to a 1948 statement from the World

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Peace-Building From The Bottom: A Case Study Of The North Caucasus

By Huseyn Aliyev for CRIA The collapse of the USSR has left the North Caucasus, a region in the south

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“Traditional Gap” In The ICJ’s Advisory Opinion On Kosovo

By Mushfig Mammadov for CRIA On July 22, 2010 the ICJ rendered an advisory opinion (hereinafter referred to interchangeably as

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EU Engagement In Conflict Resolution In Georgia: Towards A More Proactive Role

By  Dr. Mehmet Bardakçı With the accession of Romania and Bulgaria to the European Union (EU) in 2007, the boundaries

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From Racketeer To Emir: A Political Portrait of Doku Umarov, Russia’s Most Wanted Man


By Kevin Daniel Leahy Emil Souleimanov, a Chechen political scientist, perhaps put it best when he described Doku Umarov as

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Was Kosovo’s Split-off Legitimate?

On 22 July 2010 the International Court of Justice (ICJ) reached a final decision in one of its most momentous

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Assembling A Civic Nation In Kazakhstan

By Nathan Paul Jones As former republics of the Soviet Union, the Central Asian countries have inherited extremely diverse multiethnic

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Authoritarianism And Foreign Policy: The Twin Pillars Of Resurgent Russia

By Luke Chambers In the decade since the arrival of Vladimir Putin to executive office in Moscow, Russia has entered

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The Implications Of The Moscow Bombings

By Alexander Jackson In the aftermath of the two suicide bombings which struck the Moscow metro on March 29, the

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