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Dr Ehsan Azari Stanizi is an Adjunct Fellow with the Writing & Society Research Group, University of Western Sydney (UWS)


Articles by Dr. Ehsan Azari Stanizi :

US Must Dissociate Pakistan From Taliban Or Face A Historic Defeat – OpEd

The end of the US troops surge, the increasing insider attacks on Western forces and the ongoing downward spiral of

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Re-Opening Of Supply Routes Won’t Stop Pakistan From Covert Support For Al-Qaida-Linked Terrorists – OpEd

A seven-month deadlock between the US and Pakistan ended last week when the hard word “sorry” over the November killing

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Afghanistan Taken Hostage By US Militarization And Pakistani Deception – Analysis

A four-day Loya Jirgah (grand assembly) ended on 19th November in Kabul and endorsed President Hamid Karzai’s decision to negotiate

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Pakistan Sees Religious Militancy As Anecdote To Its Identity Crisis – Analysis

“Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder.” Arnold Toynbee On September 11, 2011, Pakistan took out $36,000 half page advertisement

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Uncle Sam And Pakistani Generals Sail Under False Colors In Afghanistan – Analysis

When foreign forces begin to retreat from Afghanistan, the war theatre will change its players from foreigners to Afghanis. The

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Who is behind the war on Sufism?


On October 25, 2010 an al-Qaida affiliated militant group turned a majestic Sufi shrine into a bloodbath in the Punjab

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To Solve Afghanistan’s Great Game, Climb The Hills And Ask

A major international conference in Kabul this past week underscored new workable plans for Afghanistan that would enable the Afghan

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