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Farooq Yousaf is is  working as a research analyst, programme consultant and editor at the Centre for Research and Security Studies, Islamabad along with pursuing his Masters in Public Policy from Germany. He can be reached at [email protected] He regularly contributes to national and international news sources such as The Express Tribune, We Speak News, Weekly Pulse, and Pravda along with managing a newsblog by the name of The Faultlines ( .


Articles by Farooq Yousaf :

Chile’s Brutal 9/11 In ’73 – OpEd

It was the same date, September 11, in 1973 that the Chilean President, Salvador Allande, was overthrown by an Army

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Sectarian Divide: The Modern Warfare – OpEd

The current situation in Syria is showing signs of bigger things to come. By the look of it, regime change

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The New Great Game: The Western Spring To Collide With Central Asia – Analysis

With the initial outburst of the Arab Spring in Tunisia and Egypt, and the fatal consequences in few states such

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What Drives Cross Border Intrusions From Afghanistan? – Analysis

In a rare event, On June 24 2012, almost 100 heavily armed Taliban militants stormed into Pakistan from Afghanistan and

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GLOCs Reopening: America’s Gain, Pakistan’s Loss! – OpEd

On July 3, 2012, US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, called her Pakistani counterpart, Hina Rabbani Khar, to tender her apology and

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Af-Pak Relations: Brothers In, Or With, Arms – OpEd


The Soviet war, the Taliban regime, 9/11, and now the 2014 pull out. Yes, we are talking about Afghanistan, a country that

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The Great Silk Way – OpEd

The activities carried out by the West, especially the USA and Britain, in South as well as the Central Asia

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Russia And China Can Free Pakistan Of The US – OpEd

Pakistan is looking to the East for help. We are pinning our hopes on regional cooperation through blocs such as

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Learning To Coexist: Russia’s Resurgence Through Central Asian Cooperation – Analysis

Following the Soviet disintegration, a little over two decades ago, Central Asia has become one of the most important regions,

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Stuxnet Exposing US Cyber-Care Hypocrisy – OpEd

In May 2011, President Obama and his administration published a seemingly-attractive and ethical report of America’s strategy for Cyberspace, calling

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