The Strategic Studies Group (GEES), a nonprofit-making organization was founded in 1988. It focuses on analyzing the political, strategic, military, economic, technological and industrial aspects of ideas and strategies both on the national and international levels.


Articles by GEES :

Palestine: To Be, Or Not To Be, That Is Not The Question – OpEd

By Rafael L. Bardají If Abu Mazen, also known as Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority, really wanted to

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Morocco At The Crossroads – OpEd

Since the first “Friday of Rage” started in the Arab world, the kingdom of Morocco has been trying to see

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Terrorism Financing: International Framework, Sources, And Threats

When we refer to terrorism financing, we refer to the way in which terrorists sustain themselves, their operations and their

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Terrorism, Unity And Surrealism In The Americas And Europe

By Ignacio F. Ibáñez Ferrándiz “The central values of civilization are in danger. (…) The position of the individual and

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Spain: A Political Risk Analysis

By Soeren Kern 1. Introduction Spain is in the throes of the worst economic crisis in its recent history. Reeling

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Factors Contributing To The Strength And Resilience Of Terrorist Groups – Analysis

By Miryam Lindberg 1. Introduction Terrorism is a very complex phenomenon; rivers of ink have been used to explain what

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