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International law advocate Inge Snip has been living in and out of Georgia for three years, researching post-Soviet politics and issues of self-determination. A former policy advisor to Dutch MEP J. Maaten, Snip is now a consultant for the Tbilisi-based IDP advocacy group Coalition for Justice and a graduate student at Uppsala University in Sweden and writes for Evolutsia.Net.


Articles by Inge Snip :

Russia And The Caucasus: How Threats Can Be ‘Securitized’ – Analysis

Both the North and South Caucasus are perceived in Russia as a threat to the survival of the state and

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Azerbaijan: Pipeline Politics And Smoldering Conflicts – Analysis

While being the fastest growing economy of the South Caucasus due to its natural resources, Azerbaijan is still struggling with

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Post-Communist Transition: Transformation In Russia And Georgia

In the wake of the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the subsequent need for altering the economic model of

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