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James Kimer is a Washington DC-based web editor and social media consultant. He writes for among other online publications with a focus on emerging markets. James holds Masters in Journalism and Latin American Studies from New York University.


Articles by James Kimer :

Yury Saprykin: Quo Vadis, Opposition? – OpEd

Below is our exclusive translation of an article published on examining the future strategic options that the leaders of

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The Botox Czar: An Interview With Nina Khrushcheva – OpEd

Vladimir Putin will most likely waltz back into the presidency with some 60% of the vote, but his tough guy

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Russia: Zyuganov Strikes Deal With Udaltsov – OpEd

In a fascinating development, long-time Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov has announced that the party has formed a solidarity pact

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Russia’s Human Rights Joke – OpEd

As many readers know, Russia decided to play a bit of a gag by releasing a scathing “human rights report”

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After Putin, Democracy Not A Guarantee – OpEd

Today’s news is packed with all sorts of opinion articles speculating on what sort of brave new world we are

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Does Russia Really Want To Own Europe? – OpEd


It’s hardly a secret that the past decade of Russian foreign policy has been focused intensely on increasing its political

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What Will WTO Membership Mean For Russia? – OpEd

After 18 years of on-again off-again negotiations, this past week Russia cleared some of the last hurdles standing in the

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Russia’s Badminton Doctrine – OpEd

If the sudden and gruesome end of Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi put a scare into the Kremlin, they aren’t showing

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Medvedev’s Critique Of Ethnic Nationalism – OpEd

The recent speech by President Dmitry Medvedev at the Yaroslavl Global Policy Forum has prompted a lot of commentary from

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Egyptian Soccer In Uproar Over Penalties For Fan Violence – Analysis

Egyptian soccer is in uproar over new penalties for fan violence and new marketing rules announced by the Egyptian Football

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