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Mr. Masood-Ur-Rehman Khattak is working at the South Asian Strategic Stability Institute (SASSI) Islamabad as Research Fellow. He did his M.Phil in Defence and Strategic Studies from Quaid-I-Azam University, Islamabad. His major research areas are Nuclear Deterrence in South Asia, Terrorism, Non-Proliferation issues, FATA, Afghanistan and Regional Security issues. Mr. Khattak is author of a book, US War on Terrorism: Implications for Afghanistan and Pakistan, which has been published by German Publishers, Lap Lambert Academic Publishing on 31st August, 2010. Mr. Khattak has also written a Research Paper on “Indian Military’s Cold Start Doctrine: Capabilities, Limitations and Possible Response from Pakistan” - 2011, published by SASSI. He has organised/presented in scores of international conferences/workshops. Email: [email protected]


Articles by Masood-Ur-Rehman Khattak :

Amnesty International’s Report On Pakistan Army: Fact Or Fiction – OpEd

Amnesty International alleged in its recent report that Pakistan Army has carried out extra-judicial killings and human rights violations in

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Indian Naval Modernisation: Implications For Pakistan – Analysis

India is developing its naval force at rapid pace to achieve the status of a “Blue Water Navy”. Almost 90

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Indian Military’s ‘Exercise Sudarshan Shakti’ And Cold Start Doctrine – Analysis

The Indian military introduced its Cold Start Doctrine- (CSD) in 2004. The main purpose of CSD is to give a

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Pakistan’s Nuclear Safety And Security: A Perspective From Pakistan – OpEd

Pakistan is besieged after the OBL episode. A systematic propaganda has been launched to discredit Pakistan army, air force, and

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Can India Carry Out Surgical Strikes Against Pakistan? – OpEd

The American illegal unilateral strikes in Abbottabad had given chance to the Indian leaders to play their gruesome games against

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India: Assessment Of Military Exercises From 2004-2011 – Analysis

The Indian Military has carried out 11 exercises in last seven years to operationalise its Cold Start Doctrine. Recently the

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Pakistan’s Sovereignty And Future Of War Against Terror – OpEd

The Osama Bin Laden episode has raised serious questions on the credibility of Pakistan’s armed forces and intelligence agencies. Pakistan’s

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Drug Trafficking In Afghanistan: Implications For Regional Security – Analysys

Afghanistan has become the major country that produces opium, heroin and hashish. Estimates between 1,500 and 3,500 tones a year.

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