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Meir Javedanfar has been described as “a respected, Iranian-born writer and analyst specializing in Israeli-Iranian relations” by TIME magazine; a prominent Iranian-Israeli analyst by The Daily Telegraph; “one of the best informed observers” by Asia Times; and as “one of the most objective analysts” by Negarkha, a leading reformist news blog based in Iran. Javedanfar runs the Middle East Analyst website, a subsidiary of The Middle East Economic and Political Analysis Company (meepas).


Articles by Meir Javedanfar :

Possible Sign Of Fraud In Iran Parliamentary Elections – OpEd

So far it looks like Ahmadinejad’s rivals are doing better than him. As expected, its unlikely that he or his

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What Iran’s Election Means – Analysis

Iranians are heading to the polls for parliamentary elections. The results will give a big clue about Supreme Leader Ali

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Iran Bomb Plot: Was Khamenei Reckless Or Set Up? – Analysis

On Tuesday, the US Justice Department accused ‘agents of the Iranian government of being involved in a plot to assassinate

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Iran’s China Setback – Analysis

To say that Iranian foreign policy has seen better days would be an understatement. With the passing of each month,

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War Of Words Between Iran And Israel – OpEd

On this Quds day, it is worth noting that the Iranian regime is no longer content with denial of the

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Synagogues Of Tehran – OpEd


The beautiful synagogues of Tehran. Listen to the tone of the prayer at the beginning of the clip. Hundreds of

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Khamenei Won’t Support Assad To The End – OpEd

For President Bashar al-Assad, the situation in Syria is becoming worse every day. In the middle of the biggest crisis

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Why Israel Is Wrong About Iran – OpEd

Israel’s former intelligence chief, Meir Dagan, has been subjected to a firestorm of criticism – from the Israeli government as

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Nuclear Talks Call Iran’s Bluff – OpEd

Last week brought new indications that the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran want to make a nuclear bomb.

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Iran Anxious Over Losing Syrian Ally – OpEd

The demonstrations in Syria have created much concern in Iran. “Our nations and our statesmen must follow events in Syria

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