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Michael Hikari Cecire is an associate scholar at the Foreign Policy Research Institute’s Project on Democratic Transitions.


Articles by Michael Cecire :

A Turkey v. Russia showdown

Earlier this past week, a little article on an English-language Armenia news site blared a headline with potentially world-changing implications:

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Russia’s World Cup

The anticipation was palpable, and FIFA president Sepp Blatter was keen to deliver. On December 2, Blatter announced that the

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A Russia-NATO alignment

If the prognostications of many foreign policy pundits are to be believed, the NATO summit in Lisbon, set to open

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The Case For Georgian Federalism

In conversations about the future of the Georgian constitutional republic, [1] much of the focus has been on the level of power wielded by the president, the prime minister (and thus, parliament), and the like. These are important questions that dem…

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Gali Violence And Abkhazia’s Future

In early June, a crescendo of violence seemed to wash over the heavily ethnic-Georgian region of Gali in Abkhazia, the

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Entrepreneurship And Georgia’s Future – OpEd

The Georgian government routinely relies on past years’ evidence of economic growth and state modernization as the fundamental pillar in

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Georgia’s NATO dream


Georgia’s bid for NATO membership looks to be on indefinite hold. Unless Georgia adopts a new approach, its chances for

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Bakiyev’s gift

As details emerge, Russian involvement in Kyrgyzstan appears undeniable. However, Georgia’s lesson lies not in the FSB’s machinations, but in

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