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Rhodes Scholar for Ceylon in 1962, Michael Roberts straddles the disciplines of history, politics and anthropology and has taught at both Peradeniya University (1962-76) and Adelaide University (1977-2003); and has numerous books and articles to his credit. His web sites are:, and


Articles by Michael Roberts :

Kamahl’s False Encore In Channel 7 Documentary On Asylum-Seekers From Lanka

“Boat after boat after boat …. Tim Noonan has just returned from Sri Lanka where thousands of people are still

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Swimming Against The Tide: Australia’s New Asylum-Seeker Package – OpEd

Though launched with much fanfare and media acclaim, Australia’s new raft of proposals embodied in the Houston package to handle

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Where Are You Alex? Lessons To Be Learnt – OpEd

Alex! Alex! Where art thou? We need you. Australia needs you. As a tale of “high drama” and alleged “piracy”

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Deported From Britain: Back To Ordinariness Or ‘Duress’ In Sri Lanka? – OpEd

When the crisis story of Dayan Anthony’s deportation to Sri Lanka by the Australian federal authorities hit the headlines in

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Misrepresenting The Sri Lankan War, 2009-2012 – Analysis

The recent UNHCR resolution sponsored by USA and directed at the government of Sri Lanka was the culmination of a

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Sri Lanka: Blackmail During The Endgame In Eelam War IV – Analysis


I: Blackmailing Sri Lanka, 2009 The long and episodic war between the Government of Sri Lanka (GSL) and the Tamil

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