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Moshe Dann is a writer and journalist living in Israel.


Articles by Moshe Dann :

Jerusalem Kidnapped – OpEd

Refusing to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel until Arabs agree, makes the issue a hostage to Arab demands.

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The New Morality: Palestinian Statehood – OpEd

n the wake of an Israeli government- initiated report presenting Israel’s legal rights in Judea and Samaria, opponents of settlements

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The Palestinian Revolution – OpEd

Pushing a “peace process” that requires Palestinian Arabs to give up their opposition to a Jewish state, the international community

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Without Changing UNRWA, There Can Be No Peace – OpEd

At a meeting of over 40 diplomats and ambassadors held at Bar Ilan University last week, devoted to a discussion

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Iranian Nukes Could Be Blessing In Disguise If They Prompt New Way Of Thinking – OpEd

Failure to divert Iran from becoming a nuclear power has prompted calls for military action, but a pre-emptive attack against

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Tuba Zangrya: Where Do Israeli Bedouin Loyalties Lie? – OpEd


As Bedouin communities throughout Israel demand more land and benefits and engage in violence, their loyalty as citizens and their

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UN Prolongs Palestinian Problem – OpEd

Supporters of Palestinian statehood prominently display “194″ next to their flag. That number refers not only to its proposed place

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Negotiating For What? – OpEd

Insisting that the Palestinian Authority engage in negotiations rather than appeal to the United Nations for recognition is based on

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