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Nabin Kumar Chhetri is a Nepalese author and a member of The Scottish Pen. His works have appeared in The International Herald Tribune, The Statesman, Eurasia Review, The Kathmandu Post, Nepal News and The Darjeeling Times. He can be reached at [email protected]


Articles by Nabin Kumar Chhetri :

The Debate Of Ethnic Federalism In Nepal – OpEd

After the idea of federalism sneaked into Nepal, the reactions were arbitrary. The streets were burning with protests. The country

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Loose Tongue Diplomacy And The Indo-Nepal Relationship – OpEd

Nepal shares an intimate relationship with India. Both the countries have a strong cultural, historical, economical, social and political bond.

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Nepal’s Political Impasse – OpEd

No one should forget that more than sixteen thousand people have sacrificed their lives to reach where Nepal is today.

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Curbing Corruption In Nepal – OpEd

During the last ten years, the people of Nepal have been constantly browbeaten by avalanches of bad news. The national

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Fatal Flames In Tibet – OpEd

Lobsang Kalsang was only 18 years old when she set herself in flames last year. Another monk named Phuntsog, 19

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Nepalese Minors In Indian Brothels – OpEd


Sex slavery is a sadistic and extreme form of human crime. Every year, thousands of Nepalese girls are trafficked into

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Why Tibet? – OpEd

The intense cases of self immolation amongst Tibetan monks and nuns have been successful in drawing international attention. 21 Tibetan

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