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Turkmenistan: KBR To Work On US Military Contract

Turkmenistan is among the 20 countries where KBR, formerly a part of Halliburton, will work on a US $ 3.8

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Reality Check: Opposition Participation In Turkmenistan Presidential Elections – OpEd

President Berdymuhamedov of Turkmenistan announced on 8 July during a meeting of the cabinet of ministers that he would welcome

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The Super Power Under Siege – OpEd

By General Mirza Aslam Beg, Former Chief of Army Staff, Pakistan On 7th October 2001, President Bush launched the ‘Sock

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Turkmenistan: Blasts At Ammunition Depot; Casualties Reported

A series of blasts occurred Thursday afternoon at the ammunitions depot inAbadan, an industrial town some 25 km west of

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Libya Today, Central Asia Tomorrow? – OpEd

According to the spirit of the international law, NATO is now engaged in war of aggression against Libya. Whatever flimsy

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Central Asia Must Protect Itself Against NATO – OpEd


NATO had a somewhat tolerable face at the start of this century but it has turned ugly and loathsome within

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Tinkering With Islam In Central Asia – OpEd

Tajikistan is embarking on a flawed plan that will backfire with region-wide repercussions. A legislative bill banning religious education and

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Explosive Disclosures By Afghan Drug And Customs Authorities

nCa recently had an exclusive conversation with some top official of Afghanistan drug and customs services. The essence of the

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Interview With Iranian Ambassador In Turkmenistan – Seyed Mohammad Mousa Hashemi-Golpayegani

nCa: How do you assess the prospects of development of relationship between Turkmenistan and Iran for the next three years

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