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Central Asia Must Protect Itself Against NATO – OpEd


NATO had a somewhat tolerable face at the start of this century but it has turned ugly and loathsome within a decade. Not a kind wrinkle in the face of this hag, even it you look hard.

At the start of the US/NATO occupation of Afghanistan soon after 9/11, there was the marked difference in the reaction of small children to the US and NATO vehicles. Whenever a NATO vehicle appeared in town, the children waved and cheered; when an American patrol vehicle cruised through the streets, they ran for safety, shouting double-decker curses in their mother tongue.

Now they treat everyone with total impartiality; they hate every foreign military vehicle – and the men and women sitting inside those vehicles – with equal fervour.

Children are the best judges of character and they have passed their judgment on NATO. Their wise judgment can be summed up in one word: DESPICABLE.

As if self-created quagmire in Afghanistan was not enough for NATO, it has embarked on a suicidal mission in Libya, led by the bloodthirsty trio – USA, Great Britain and France.

The ease with which NATO can be manipulated into a war and the inherent double standard manifest in indiscriminate bombarding of Qaddafi locations while simultaneously arming and financing the rebels are dangerous signs that Central Asia cannot ignore.

What is happening to Libya can easily happen to any of the Central Asian countries tomorrow.

After all, the template is the same:

Step 1: Single out the weak countries with abundant oil and gas and other natural resources

Step 2: Engineer the media hype and stir-up the rhetorical fog that the country is led by a dictator

Step 3: Sell false dreams to some select groups of young people

Step 4: Strike; strike heard; strike ruthlessly; strike from within; strike from without; strike with single-minded fury to steal the natural resources

Steps 1 and 2 are completed already. The Central Asian countries have been marked for their oil and gas wealth (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan) and water resources (Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan). The Central Asian leaders are described, day in and day out, as dictators. Thanks to the successful zombification, even the ordinary western citizens who cannot locate Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan on the map will tell you with full confidence that the country is led by a dictator.

Step 3 is partially done. Final touches are being given through openly hostile workshops for young people, such as the one currently in progress in Kyrgyzstan where kids as young as 17 are being trained to act as ‘Activists’ – in this case, Activist being a cheap euphemism for someone who would fire the first shot in the foreign-engineered rebellion, creating suitable conditions for NATO to intervene on ‘humanitarian’ grounds.

It is time for Central Asia to wake up and reexamine its entire spectrum of relations with the west in general and NATO in particular. The NATO has the largest presence anywhere in the world right next door to Central Asia and there is no telling what they might resort to under arm-twisting by the USA, Great Britain and France.

Better safe than sorry.

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