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The Role Of Shale: New Energy Sources Q&A – Video


The Wrocław Global Forum aims at giving new spirit to the transatlantic dialog by refocusing it on global challenges and by reinforcing the voice of Central Europe as its key stakeholder.


Below, at the 2011 ‘New Energy Sources and the Global Power Equation Q&A’, Marek Matraszek raises the importance of shale energy in modern Europe, and poses the question of ‘what can commercial operations and governments do, perhaps together, to counter the threat of coalition of forces stifling its development‘ and indeed ‘are there any parallels to be drawn between Norway and Poland, lessons Poland can learn in terms of translating an energy discovery to its political advantage‘.

Marek Matraszek

Marek Matraszek is based in Warsaw. He has written widely on Polish and international affairs and is a regular commentator on Polish politics for the international media. He is the Founding Partner of CEC Government Relations, and maintains the "From the Front" website.

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