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Tierramérica is a joint project of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and The World Bank (WB), with IPS serving as the executive agency.


Articles by Tierramerica :

Ocean Acidification Leaves Mollusks Naked And Confused

By Stephen Leahy Climate change will ruin Chilean sea snails’ ability to sniff out and avoid their archenemy, a predatory

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Peru: Indigenous Consultations To Debut In Amazon Oil Region

By Milagros Salazar Peru will debut a new mechanism for prior consultation with indigenous peoples by seeking their approval for

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Spain Hit By Epidemic Of Despair

By Inés Benítez Rising rates of depression and suicide are among the most obvious signs of the increase in mental

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Brazil: Fisherfolk Fight For Survival

By Mario Osava His father and other fishermen fought back with sickles, hoes and other work tools against the armed

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Discovering The Ancient Green Past Of Argentina’s Arid Puna Plateau

By Marcela Valente The arid high Andean Puna plateau in northwest Argentina was much greener thousands of years ago. Climate

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The Bicycle Revolution In Paris, Five Years Later


By Julio Godoy In July 2007, many Parisians laughed at their mayor, Bertrand Delanoë, when he announced the creation of

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Norwegian Study Calls For Research On Natural Causes Of Climate Change

By Julio Godoy While there is no doubt that global warming is primarily a consequence of human activities, it is

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Argentina: Changing Energy Mix Will Take Intelligence And Time

By Marcela Valente The recovery of state control over the oil company YPF was a strategic move for Argentina, which

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Haiti’s Gold Rush Promises El Dorado: But For Whom?

Twenty billion dollars worth of gold, copper and silver hidden in the hills of the hemisphere’s poorest country. Investors in

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Climate Change: Waiting For Catastrophic Wake-Up Call

By Mario Osava Disasters are the new midwives of history. But in order to play this role, they need to

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