Date Of Meeting Between Tehran, Experts Of ‘Six’ Announced


By Temkin Jafarov

Experts of the “Six” and Tehran will meet in Vienna on December 9-10, ISNA reported citing the official.

The meeting will be attended by the representatives of Foreign Ministries of Iran and P5+1, as well as IAEA representatives.

Among the issues to be discussed at the meeting is IAEA experts’ inspection of Gachin uranium mine in Bandar Abbas.

It should be noted that Iran and the “Six” negotiators reached an agreement on the country’s nuclear energy program on November 24 after several days of intense negotiations.

The signing ceremony took place at the UN office in Geneva.

The parties agreed that for the next six months Tehran freezes its nuclear program. This step will allow the “Six” participants to weaken their sanctions against Iran. According to the reached agreement Tehran has right to peaceful nuclear program. In parallel the IAEA is significantly expanding its inspection on Iranian nuclear facilities.

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