Germany: Merkel Relieved At Bin Laden’s Death


German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday expressed relief at death of the chief of Al-Qaeda Usama Bin laden.
The military operation that resulted in killing Bin Laden is a major blow to the terrorist organization, Al-Qaeda, Merkel was quoted by a Government spokesman as saying.

Merkel, according to the official spokesman, urged the national security authorities to be vigilant vis a vis possible acts of vengeance by followers of the slain Al-Qaeda leader.

Elaborating, the chancellor said upon Bin Laden’s orders, terrorism had been exported to many countries, resulting in the death of children, women, Muslims and Christians.

Bin Laden had wrongly thought that he was implementing the principles of Islam, but he actually used Islam and the other religions for his own purposes, she added.

Meanwhile, the German Foreign Ministry urged Germans abroad to be cautious against possible attacks by followers of Al-Qaeda. It also did not rule out possible retaliatory attacks against German interests and citizens of other Western nations.


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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