Saudi FM Says Iran ‘Trying To Send Arms To KSA’


Saudi Arabia has again exhorted Tehran to shun its wrong policy of interference in its neighboring countries and creating chaos and mayhem in the region.

“Iran is flouting international laws by giving support to (Bashar) Assad, Hezbollah and the Houthis. It should change its policy so that the international community can deal with the issues,” said Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir.

“Iran is behind some of the military operations that threaten the security of the region. We actually did not notice any change in its policy, and we honestly believe that the Iranians are trying to send weapons to Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia,” he said.

“Iran must decide whether it wants war or peace? And even if it wants war, it is not respecting the international laws on war. With such schemes, one cannot deal with the country.”

Al-Jubeir urged Iran to return to the international community and establish new relationships with the countries in the region.

“We sincerely hope that such a great nation, great history and people will be able to change their policies … to be able to become an active member of the international community,” he added.

Arab News

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