Snow Chains: Helping You To Reach Your Destination


When winter really takes a grip of the country and new, heavy snowfall and steep gradients make the going tough, snow chains are the perfect solution to get you safely to your destination. The Mercedes-Benz range offers an appropriate solution for all models dating back to the 1980s.

When choosing chains it is not only the vehicle type which is important, but also the size of the tyres being used. Mercedes-Benz service partners are happy to advise Mercedes drivers about the most suitable snow chains to use and have a detailed list of the correct snow chains for the relevant vehicle. Mercedes-Benz has worked closely with world market leader RUD in compiling a tailor-made range of chains. RUD chains not only meet the strictest of quality requirements, but also comply with all relevant regulations, for example Austrian standard 5117 which lays down the requirements for the approval of snow chains in Austria.
Another important factor is ease of fitting. Laboriously fumbling around with numb fingers in the cold – this is now a thing of the past. Modern snow chains can be easily fitted and often do not require retensioning. How simple fitting can be is demonstrated in the series of photos depicting the fitting of easy2go snow chains by way of example.

The “easy2go” model from the world’s market-leading chain company RUD is specifically designed for vehicles with front-wheel drive and therefore tailor-made for the new A and B-Class. Its patented mounting device with permanent tensioning effect (PTD = Permanent Tensioning Device) makes manual retensioning of the chain unnecessary. To protect easy2go during transport or storage it is contained in a nylon carry bag. Other advantages are simple fitting and removal while the car is stationary, and integrated wheel protection.

The high-quality “RUD-matic Disc” convenient bow-type snow chain is the ideal choice for saloon and estate models with rear-wheel drive or 4MATIC, as well as SUV models from Mercedes-Benz. With its tough plastic ring (disc), this chain offers perfect protection for light-alloy wheels and wheel trim. Since the fastener is on the front side of the wheel, the chain can be quickly fitted and removed. The chrome-manganese-alloyed micrograin stainless steel is visually adapted to match light-alloy wheels and meets the highest of standards in terms of appearance too.

It can get expensive without chains: European regulations

In European countries, different regulations apply with regard to the carrying and fitting of chains. In Germany for example, fitting chains is compulsory on stretches of road signposted with mandatory sign No. 268 (tyres with snow chains). Drivers who fail to comply with this requirement may be subject to a fine, which in Germany and Switzerland for example can amount to €70, while in Italy it can be upwards of €70, and in France and Austria upwards of €35 and €36 respectively.

The requirement to use snow chains can also apply to all-wheel drive passenger cars, SUVs and off-road vehicles. In the chapter entitled “Winter operation”, the owner’s manuals of all Mercedes-Benz vehicles explain to which axle snow chains may be fitted. There is also a note to the effect that ESP® can be switched off to increase the traction of the snow chains. Legally, the speed limit for vehicles fitted with snow chains is restricted in most countries to 50 km/h.

After use, the snow chains can be put back in the supplied carry bag. At the end of winter, chains should be washed in warm water and left to dry out thoroughly. Snow chains should not be oiled.

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