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Spain: Number Of Unemployed Falls By 354,203 In 2015


The number of unemployed registered with the Public Employment Services fell by 55,790 in the month of December, 1.34% down on the previous month, the Spanish government said on Tuesday, adding that unemployment has now fallen in the month of December in each of the last four years.

Over the last 12 months, recorded unemployment has fallen by 354,203 people, the largest fall in a 12-month period since records began. The year-on-year rate of decline has grown by more than two and a half points over the course of the year and shows a fall in recorded unemployment at a rate of close on 8% (7.96%). A year-on-year rate of decline at this level had not been seen in a month of December since back in 1999.

In seasonally-adjusted terms, recorded unemployment fell yet again in December, by 1,258. Seasonally-adjusted unemployment has fallen in 30 of the last 32 months.

Following this drop, the total figure for unemployment now stands at 4,093,508.

Unemployment among the under-25s fell by a noteworthy 45,773 year-on-year, at a rate of decline of 11.8%, well above the general average of 8%.

By sector of activity, recorded unemployment fell among those who most recently worked in the services sector, with 61,336 fewer unemployed (down 2.22%), and in the agriculture and fisheries sector, with 2,133 fewer unemployed (down 1.09%), while the recorded unemployment figures rose in the industrial sector by 4,845 (up 1.25%), and in the construction sector by 15,470 (up 3.53%). Recorded unemployment among first-time job seekers fell by 12,636 (down 3.52%).

Recorded unemployment fell in 13 autonomous regions, particularly in Andalusia (down 27,066), Madrid (down 9,284) and Catalonia (down 5,992). In contrast, it rose in the remaining four regions, headed up by Galicia (up 3,650) and Navarre (up 1,197).

Full-time permanent employment grows by 13.8%

The rise in the number of contracts over recent months continued to rise in the month of December. Hence, a total of 1,594,915 new contracts were signed, representing a rise of 15.23% on the same month of 2014.

Accumulated contracts for the whole of 2015 reached a total figure of 18,576,280, which represent 1,849,191 more contracts than in 2014 (up 11.06%).

A total of 132,867 permanent contracts were notified in the month of December, an increase of 8.02% on the same month last year. In the year as a whole, the total number of permanent contracts amounts to 1,509,165, or a year-on-year increase of 158,834 (up 11.76%).

Full-time permanent employment contracts grew by 13.77% over the course of 2015, compared with growth of 11.76% for employment contracts as a whole.

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