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Putin Meets With Venezuela’s President Maduro At Kremlin


Russia’s President Vladimir Putin held talks with the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro in the Kremlin on Wednesday.


Bilateral cooperation, as well as political, trade and economic issues, were discussed, according to the Kremlin.

While Putin acknowledged that Venezuela is going through challenging times, he said that, “one gets the impression that you have nonetheless managed to establish some kind of contact with the political forces that are opposing you.”

According to Putin, Russia and Venezeula continue working in the economic sphere, and while there has been a small decline in trade, “we believe it is beyond our control. There are some positives as well, including our continued work on our major projects.”

For his part, Maduro said that, “Attempts were made to impose on Venezuela a model that would shackle us and not allow us to use the resources that we have. The only way to deal with this is by actively working to resolve this issue and sincerely believing that our homeland will be able to take command.”


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