‘The Chaos In The Middle East: 2014-2016’ – New Book


I do not want to be immodest, but as a reader of the Eurasia Review you might be interested in my forthcoming book in which I attempt to provide an accessible overview of the discord in the Middle East that is dominating the media agenda.

In ‘The Chaos in the Middle East: 2014-2016’ I try to explain the myriad of forces that have turned the Middle East into a bloodbath, and attempt to unravel the confusing and intricate modern news of conflict from the region. From the West’s failure to triumph over Islamic State to Iran’s sudden increase in status, and much else, I describe what has happened, and provide the background to these unfolding events.

Through all of its sadness and brutality, the Middle East has become something of a fashionable topic for news media around the world. While millions know that the region has problems, far fewer understand why. The world has come to know that Islamic State means death, but many fail to appreciate the long-term objectives of the organization. The world sees Syrian refugees flooding into Europe, but many, if not most, people are hazy as to who is fighting whom in their homeland, and why. I try to explain all this, and much besides.

The Chaos in the Middle East: 2014-2016’ provides an up-to-date overview of the problems currently affecting the Middle East, and sets them in context. By not only providing an account of the bewilderingly complicated events of the past two years, but also explaining their background, I try to give readers the tools to understand issues of concern to the whole world. Written in easily understood terms, the book is ideal for readers interested in comprehending the complex problems emanating from the Middle East.

More details about the book, including a pre-publication offer at a discount, can be found on the publisher’s website: http://www.troubador.co.uk/book_info.asp?bookid=3960.

Neville Teller

Neville Teller's latest book is ""Trump and the Holy Land: 2016-2020". He has written about the Middle East for more than 30 years, has published five books on the subject, and blogs at "A Mid-East Journal". Born in London and a graduate of Oxford University, he is also a long-time dramatist, writer and abridger for BBC radio and for the UK audiobook industry. He was made an MBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours, 2006 "for services to broadcasting and to drama."

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