Israel Likely To Restrict Palestinians Visiting Al-Aqsa During Ramadan


Israeli security forces are preparing to implement unprecedented restrictions on Palestinians visiting the Al-Aqsa mosque in occupied East Jerusalem during Ramadan. The move occurs despite warnings that it may provoke greater resistance in the West Bank, which is already facing an increased assault from occupation forces since the war in Gaza.

A few weeks ago, ultra-right-wing politician Itamar Ben-Gvir announced that during the month of Ramadan, no Arab-Israeli citizen below the age of 70 would be allowed to visit Al-Aqsa and the number of Palestinians allowed to enter the premises would also be strictly limited.

After global apprehensions were raised that such restrictions may incite greater resistance in Palestine, Israeli media reported that Ben-Gvir’s announcements would not be implemented.

Palestinian resistance groups such as Hamas have warned against the restrictions. Calling them an assault on Palestinians’ freedom of worship, Ismail Haniyeh, head of Hamas, called Palestinians “in Jerusalem and the West Bank to march to Al-Aqsa on the first day of Ramadan” to defy the restrictions.

Israel has often imposed restrictions on the Palestinian worshipers inside Al-Aqsa mosque in the past and its forces attack Palestinians visiting the compound throughout the year.

During Ramadan last year, Israeli occupation forces arrested over 400 Palestinians during repeated raids on the mosque compound. Over 170 Palestinians were injured in those attacks.

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