Is Chinese Government On A Suicidal Path? – OpEd


It is well known that the Chinese government is now under the control of coterie of a few persons having a strategic hold on the governance of China. Obviously, it is not a representative government of the people as it is a totalitarian regime, curbing the freedom of speech for the millions of Chinese citizens with characteristic ruthlessness. History shows that this kind of ruthless government has to necessarily fall one day, with the dictatorial leaders  having to run away or getting wiped out. Certainly, such totalitarian regimes are sitting on a time bomb.

While several countries are concerned about the aggressive behaviour of China, world should be careful to make a distinction between the Chinese people and the Chinese government, since very large section of Chinese population would not approve the methods and approach of the Chinese government,  both inside China and outside China. Unfortunately, the Chinese people have  no say in the actions of the Chinese government.

There is world-wide concern that China could become even more aggressive in the coming months, considering its claims on South China Sea, creation of near war-like situation with India claiming large territory of India as its own.

Many people really do not understand as to why is China claiming other country’s territories and pursuing expansionist policies. China is certainly aiming at world domination by fair or foul means and seems to be under the mistaken impression that based on its strong economy and military power, no country in the world can stop China in its march towards expansionism and world leadership.

While China invaded Tibet, no country in the world came to the aid of helpless Tibetans. This has emboldened China to take the world for granted.

The ground reality is that China is not really as powerful as it thinks , since it is vulnerable due to its dependence on international market and trade.  

It appears that while China is aggressive with regard to its claims on South China Sea, it really wants to test its game plan and world reactions by taking a war-like posture against India. 

As of now, India as well as a number of other countries fear that China would start a full scale war with India soon and try to invade India and forcibly take it’s territory. Perhaps, China thinks that it would remain unchallenged in the case of war with India and other countries will only  be  watching the war scenes with India from a gallery.

Government of India has so far clearly given an impression that it would not like to enter into a war with China  and would  try to avoid  it to the extent possible. 

While China killed 20 soldiers in the month of June, Indian Defence Minister has met the Chinese Defence Minister in Moscow for a discussion, though no one really knows what transpired. Some unsubstantiated media reports have said that the Chinese Defence Minister  has told that China would not give up an inch of it’s territory.  Even as the China India border is tense now, with Indian and Chinese army facing each other, it is surprising that Indian Foreign Minister would meet the Chinese counterpart for a discussion. Such meetings invariably create an impression that India is pleading with China for peace and China is dictating its terms.

Obviously, India does not want war with China, since this would  cause a setback to the Prime Minister Modi’s economic target for the country. It would also lead to loss of lives; with India not being sure as to whether other countries would come to the aid of India by opening war front with China.

China has already “bought” and brought the weak neighbouring countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh under its near control by extending loan and participating in projects. Certainly, these weak countries are unlikely to take sides in the case of a China-India war, while Pakistan may actively participate in the war against India along with China.

Ultimately, what would China really gain by launching a war against India and aggressive intrusion into South China Sea? 

Many people now suspect that the leadership of the Chinese government is foolish enough to think that such aggressive postures would help in meeting its goal of world domination. On the  other hand, it is bound to have the opposite effect.

The world would realise the need to control China at any cost, if  China  would pursue with its expansionist plans, that would destabilise the world peace.

While the weak countries in Asia and Africa and in Latin America may remain as silent spectators fearing China, the stronger countries in Europe, Asia and North America would certainly put their heads together and start activities towards ensuring  trade isolation of China.

 China cannot bear such onslaught. Any trade isolation of China would lead to collapse of Chinese economy, that would inevitably lead to unrest in China with grave consequences for the Chinese leadership.

Seeing the aggressive approach of the Chinese government, one cannot but think that coterie of dictatorial leaders in China are consumed by their ego and ambition and  think that they have the military and economic power to challenge the world. 

With no capability  and wisdom to learn from history. Chinese leadership is now leading China in a suicidal path.

N. S. Venkataraman

N. S. Venkataraman is a trustee with the "Nandini Voice for the Deprived," a not-for-profit organization that aims to highlight the problems of downtrodden and deprived people and support their cause. To promote probity and ethical values in private and public life and to deliberate on socio-economic issues in a dispassionate and objective manner.

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