Without Peace, Afghanistan Faces Harsh Economic Struggles – OpEd


Today the people of Afghanistan continue to face harsh economic situation as a result of closure of schools and the absent of country wide law and order. This has been going on for the last two and a half years. With 15.8 million people facing food insecurity at a time when most of foreign aid has stopped.

Later this month, there will be a meeting taking place in Doha, Qatar to discuss the present situation in Afghanistan. The Taliban have rejected such a meeting and says it will not help Afghanistan, but remain waiting to receive the agenda even though.

Meanwhile, outsider opposition groups want their voice heard as well at this upcoming meeting and so does the United Nations by way of electing their own organization representative to monitor the ongoing situation in the country.

It is the author’s view, upon recently visiting Afghanistan that the economic situation in the country is dire – especially seen for women, girls and families. Moreover, the author believes that Afghanistan would benefit from a mix government i.e., (Taliban, and opposite groups), so that they can work to rebuild the country.

Yet, recalling the clashes between Afghan forces and Taliban during U.S. exit will not be repeated again. Such clashes have already been settled or not happening anymore on Afghan soil.

The Taliban must recognize that ordinary citizens are sacrificing in the country when it comes to their economic situation and wellbeing of a population of around 40 million today.

In conclusion, it appears that all groups are trying their best to maintain or seek power in Afghanistan; but at the same time, Afghan people are not being heard. The author believes that within the last 10 years, the Afghan people have grown but their situation has worsened due to ongoing war.

Meladul Haq Ahmadzai

Meladul Haq Ahmadzai is an Afghan-Canadian citizen who lives in Ottawa and CEO of Taleam Systems.

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