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Bibi in 1989 Supported Palestinian Mass Expulsions


For the life of me I don’t know why this 1989 statement from Bibi Netanyahu, when he a was a junior minister in the Shamir government, hasn’t received more play.  The following is from Yaakov Lazar (note his biting satire in the second paragraph) in the left-wing, now defunct Al Ha-Mishmar (translated by Mark Marshall):


Deputy Foreign Minister MK Bibi Netanyahu, the man who this week bitterly lamented the lack of Glasnost in the Arab states, is the same man who said this week: ‘Israel should have taken advantage of the suppression of the demonstrations in China [Tiananmen Square], when the world’s attention was focussed on what was happening in that country, to carry out mass expulsions among the Arabs of the Territories. However, to my regret, they did not support that policy that I proposed, and which I still propose should be implemented.’

It is a good thing that there is Glasnost in Communist bloc countries, because that permits us to say to the Arab states: why don’t you try a little Glasnost yourselves? Isn’t it about time you joined the family of civilized nations? But on the other hand, there is no need to carry this blessed process too far, because it is useful that a few Communist states remain that suppress Glasnost with an iron fist, preferably with bloodshed. Because if none such remain, how can we take advantage of the world’s attention being focussed on what is going on there, in order to transfer our Arabs in a civilized way here?

Alas, in those days Bibi was more inclined to speak what he really believes as opposed to now, when he’s learned how to speak with a forked tongue, saying nothing and meaning precisely the opposite of what comes from his mouth (or meaning nothing at all).

Lest anyone believe that this man will bring peace, that this man will negotiate in good faith with Palestinians, that this man will recognize a Palestinian state, let them read this and try to say otherwise.

Hey, and for those of you who complain about how nasty and racist Yvet Lieberman is compared to his polished boss, Bibi, just remember when the latter was in foreign ministry his views were frightening similar to Lieberman’s.


H/t to Yossi.

This article was originally published at Tikun Olam

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