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Is Trump’s Targeting Of Iran And China Justified? – OpEd


While US President Trump has taken several measures in the last few years such as prevention of illegal migrants entering US, special security measures to check Muslims entering US from Islamic  countries, construction of Mexican wall , insistence for jobs for Americans to ensure persons from other countries do not occupy jobs in USA at the cost of Americans etc., the most important and significant measures  have been  to start trade war against China and to prevent Iran from emerging as nuclear power. Though he also spoke strongly against North Korean regime, he softened his stand later for whatever reasons.

President Trump’s  steps against China and Iran have been strong and persistent making several people wonder as to what could be the strategy and purpose behind his anti China and anti Iran policies.

Even some Americans are confused and opposition parties in USA have been  highly critical about these approaches.

However, a discerning and independent observer can clearly read President Trump’s mindset and would tend to think that his strategies and objectives are clear and would stand the test of time.

Obviously, President Trump thinks that emerging dominance of China and emerging nuclear capability of Iran would pose strong threats not only to US but also to the political stability of the entire world. It appears that President Trump thinks that if he would not act now to curb the ambitions of China and Iran, it could become too late later on. This is, perhaps, the reason and justification for his acting in a hurry.

Emerging dominance of China

China has not concealed it’s ambition to emerge as economic, military and technological super power in the world , which mean that China has to out beat USA decisively, as USA presently has the dominant status in the world.

China has also not concealed its expansionist policy, as it has already “successfully” occupied Tibet, a peaceful neighbouring country and China is encouraged that world conscience has remained silent about China’s aggression and atrocities in Tibet.

By extending grants and aids and collaboration, China has already brought Pakistan under it’s virtual control and many people think that politically, Pakistan is now an extended territory of China. China’s strong presence in Pakistan would ensure that Pakistan has to be necessarily obliged to China for long time to come. Certainly, China would use Pakistan territory for strategic purpose like importing and transporting crude oil from middle east countries to China and exploiting Pakistan’s mineral resources.

China has also now  strong presence in Sri Lanka and several vital infrastructure projects in Sri Lanka like seaport and airport  are  now under China’s management control.

There are other countries like Bangladesh, Mauritius and Nepal, that owe huge debts to China with no repaying capability in the near future.

China’s OBOR project is a clear strategy to gradually enter other countries economically and technologically and expand it’s influence.

With such calculated measures, China is expecting that before long, world will come under China’s thumb, just as the world is now under the thumb of USA for all practical purposes.:

Emerging nuclear capability of Iran

Government of Iran is committed to Islam religion and many people suspect that Iran is encouraging and supporting Islamic terrorism that is already causing havoc and disturbing peace in the world.

Iran is striving it’s level best to develop it’s nuclear capability and to develop expertise in nuclear warfare. This could be a threat to world peace, as Iran may use it’s nuclear warfare capability to create climate to expand the base of Islam religion across the world. This would possibly be done by encouraging Islamic terrorism and threatening the world with it’s nuclear warfare capability. Many believe that Iran would not remain as a responsible nuclear power.

President Trump’s approach

Just as US President Trump  is targeting China and Iran, the fact is that China and Iran are also targeting USA.

President Trump is clearly expecting that economic and military dominance of China and nuclear capability of Iran would pose grave threat not only to USA but across the world.

Many countries in the world , apart from USA, do realize that stronger China and Iran with nuclear capability  could pose threat to the stability of the world, just as Hitler and Mussolini did that caused second world war. It seems  that several other countries who do not have the strength and capability to challenge emerging dominance of China and emerging nuclear capability of Iran,  expect USA to play it’s role in challenging China and Iran.

Perhaps, this is the reason why most countries in the world are not criticizing and opposing President Trump’s move to challenge China and Iran and the silent approval of other countries with regard to the approach of President Trump is obvious and conspicuous.

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N. S. Venkataraman

N. S. Venkataraman is a trustee with the "Nandini Voice for the Deprived," a not-for-profit organization that aims to highlight the problems of downtrodden and deprived people and support their cause. To promote probity and ethical values in private and public life and to deliberate on socio-economic issues in a dispassionate and objective manner.

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