Yemen VP Meets With US Ambassador; Solution To Crisis Is Political


The US and the international community believe that the solution to the Yemen crisis is political, US ambassador to Yemen Gerald Feierstein said on Tuesday, according to Yemeni state media.

SABA reported that during his meeting with Yemen’s Vice President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi, Feierstein “valued highly Hadi’s efforts to put a safe end to the ongoing crisis, pointing to the importance of intensifying efforts to solve the tough and complex situation in Yemen.”

In the same vein, Yemen’s Vice President said that the current negative developments in Yemen were not in favor of anyone.

“The tireless efforts to reach a safe and democratic solution is going ahead to reach an agreement on the executive mechanism of the Gulf initiative,” Hadi said.

According to SABA, Hadi said he appreciated the US assistance to maintain the democratic course in Yemen.

SABA also reported that with respect to the war on terror, Hadi highlighted “the great achievements the military forces have made against al-Qaeda.”

“Over 70 members of al-Qaeda have been killed during the recent clashes in Abyan province”, the Vice President said, stressing that Yemen would not miss any opportunity to eliminate the terrorist organization, although he stressed the need of the international community’s cooperation in this regard.

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