Syria: Massive Gathering Supports Government, Including Orthodox Leader


More than one million Syrian citizens on Wednesday flocked to Saba Bahrat Square, Damascus downtown, in a mass rally under the title ” My Homeland is Syria” to express support to the comprehensive reform program, reported the state news agency SANA.

According to SANA, the participants wanted to express gratitude to Russia and China for their supportive stances of Syria.

SANA reported the crowd “chanted national slogans and songs and the martyrs’ sons and daughters performed theatric shows that call for national unity, uncover those who conspire against Syria and highlight the significant importance of martyrdom for the sake of the homeland.”

Additionaly, SANA reported that speeches delivered at the gathering stressed the need for enhancing solidarity and national unity to upgrade Syria and achieve the announced reforms, “adding that Syria is targeted for its pan-Arab and national stances in support of the resistance rejecting the policy of domination and hegemony.”

SANA reported that Greek Orthodox Patriarchal Assistant Archbishop Luka al-Khoury said the crowds were “a clear announcement of support to President Bashar al-Assad and that the Syrian people have great belief in steadfastness and martyrdom to defend the homeland’s freedom and dignity.”

Additionally, the state agency said that he speeches “hailed the Syrian Army’s great role side by side with the Syrian people in preserving the homeland’s security and stability.”

SANA reported participants stressed determination for moving forward in the reform process to make Syria an example of democracy and freedom, calling for ignoring seditious calls for sabotage backed by foreign agendas.

SANA said the “rally was organized by “My Homeland is Syria” gathering via social networking sites to express rejection of foreign interference, stress the independence of the national decision, foil the conspiracy against Syria and unveil the misleading media exploited to destabilize Syria.”

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