Tibet: Self-Immolations Continue Amid Heightened Chinese Security


A Tibetan man in his mid-20s set fire to himself Monday during a prayer ceremony held in Dowa Township for a young mother who self-immolated last Wednesday (November 7). At least 70 Tibetans have set fire to themselves since March 2011, when the protests began against the Chinese occupation of their country.

According to the Free Tibet website, Nyingkar Tashi, the seventh Tibetan to set himself on fire in the past six days, is reported to have died at the scene. He called out for freedom in Tibet and the long life of the Dalai Lama.

Tibet claims
Tibet claims

Dowa Township has become a hotspot in recent days, with three self-immolations taking place inside a week and a large Chinese security presence on the streets, notes Free Tibet.

The escalation in protests is particularly notable this week, as the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party is taking place.

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