Political Elites With Their Propaganda Machines Are Damaging National Fabric Of Pakistan – OpEd


As per the propaganda model given by Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky, excerpted from “Manufacturing Consent 1988”, Only the powerful and professionally prudent section of a country is targeted with fake propaganda. The main focus of this propaganda model is on inequality of wealth and power and its multilevel effects. People fail to recognize the real criminals behind this inequality and are used as tools for their own destruction. Economic downfall and political crisis aids the propaganda machines.

Currently, Pakistan is facing the worst economic crisis and the political wrangle is adding insult to injury. Amid this critical phase the enemies of Pakistan found an opportunity to weaken the backbone of Pakistan, that is the trust and support of people for their armed forces. As indicated by Chomsky and Herman the target of propaganda model is the professionally prudent section, which is unable to breach otherwise. Pakistan was the country who gave $25 million loan to Germany in 1963, so, what went wrong down the road?

A simple answer to this question is ‘political elitism’. The cursed history of political elitism in Pakistan dates back to clash of 1971 between the political elites of East and West Pakistan that ended with devastation. Even at that time the Armed Forces were blamed but no one questioned the main perpetrators of the crime. Afterwards, many such incidents occurred where the political leaders for the sake of their personal interests and businesses abroad tried to malign Pakistan and made Pakistan Army the scapegoat.

A rigorous process of selection with patriotism as the main criteria, discipline and accountability has helped the forces to gain power and a refined lifestyle to its officers. But, some politicians who cannot even write their name blame them for inappropriation. Military in Pakistan as said by the ex-DG ISPR Gen Asif Ghafoor is a subordinate to the constitution of Pakistan. Every step taken by the military is only to safeguard the country’s interest. On the other hand, the political elites since independence has worked for their personal benefits deteriorating the constitutional provisions. In the present times during this critical phase in lieu of going towards a political consensus, the political elites are using the strategy of mudslinging each other and the armed forces. 

The political leaders in order to maintain their relevance and political mileage has tried to build a confirmation biased that Armed Forces is interfering in political affairs. Last year in August during Karachi’s by-elections PTI leaders blamed Army that they would make sure PTI lose elections. However, after the results PTI secured majority seats. In the subsequent by-polls for 6 NA seats and 2 Punjab assembly seats & AJK local body elections PTI came with the same allegations but at the end they gained majority in both. Afterwards, no one questioned the PTI leaders for their irresponsible assertions. Punjab CM gained vote of confidence without any issue is yet another slap on the face of PTI leaders who were conspiring against the military establishment and shamelessly blaming them for political engineering. 

Furthermore, same is the case with other political parties. The PDM group comprises of political parties who were arch rivals of each other and used to blame the armed forces for supporting their opponents. But now even when they are working together – the economy is receiving an unprecedented nose dive. The only agenda prevailing in the political circles these days is surge to power and not a single political party has given any tangible plan, helping Pakistan to get out of the brewing economic crisis.

During the last 14 years of a democratic tenure in Pakistan, the political elites enjoyed complete liberty but unfortunately, they failed to deliver anything productive. People of Pakistan need to understand the false projections of anti-Pakistan and self-centered sentiments who will continue to fill their hearts with hatred against the only credible institute of Pakistan. The cobweb of lies of political elites is an abject to their failures in order to hide ill-performance and corruption.

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