Danish security firm pulls out of the West Bank following activist exposé


By Adam Horowitz

The Danish company G4S has announced that it will no longer provide security services in the occupied territories through its Israeli affiliate Hashmira, which is the second largest security company in Israel. This move comes in response to a report from the Israeli NGO the Coalition of Women for a Just Peace, which runs the website Who Profits?: Exposing the Israeli Occupation Industry.

From Haaretz:

The report, released in November, says that Hashmira provides baggage scanning equipment and body scanners for the Qalandiya, Bethlehem, Sha’ar Efraim and Eyal checkpoints.

It also provided the Ofer base near Ramallah a peripheral security system installed on the security prison walls, and the central control room for the entire compound, which includes a jail for Palestinian prisoners, a lockup and a military court.

Hashmira also installed a security system for the Judea & Samaria district police headquarters in the E1 area near Ma’aleh Adumim.

Who Profits?, which is really an essential resource for the growing BDS movement, was started by Dalit Baum, an Israeli feminist academic. Baum is based in the US for the next year and will be working with the organization Global Exchange directing a new program called Economic Activism for Palestine. Be sure to catch her at a speaking event, or organize one in your community.


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