Trump Says US ‘Locked And Loaded’ To Respond To Attacks On Saudi Oil Facilities


US President Donald Trump said American forces are ready to strike back at whoever were behind the recent attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil refinery and oil field.

“There is reason to believe that we know the culprit, are locked and loaded depending on verification, but are waiting to hear from the Kingdom as to who they believe was the cause of this attack, and under what terms we would proceed!”, he said in a tweet.

Trump also said he had also authorized the use of the U.S. emergency oil stockpile to ensure stable supplies after the attack, which shut 5% of world production.

“Based on the attack on Saudi Arabia, which may have an impact on oil prices, I have authorized the release of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, if needed, in a to-be-determined amount sufficient to keep the markets well-supplied,” he tweeted, “I have also informed all appropriate agencies to expedite approvals of the oil pipelines currently in the permitting process in Texas and various other States.”

Oil prices surged more than 15% at the open on Sunday on worries over global supply and soaring tensions in the Middle East.

On Sunday, a senior U.S. official told reporters that evidence from the attack, which hit the world’s biggest oil-processing facility, indicated Iran was behind it, instead of the Yemeni Houthi group that had claimed responsibility.

Arab News

Arab News is Saudi Arabia's first English-language newspaper. It was founded in 1975 by Hisham and Mohammed Ali Hafiz. Today, it is one of 29 publications produced by Saudi Research & Publishing Company (SRPC), a subsidiary of Saudi Research & Marketing Group (SRMG).

One thought on “Trump Says US ‘Locked And Loaded’ To Respond To Attacks On Saudi Oil Facilities

  • September 16, 2019 at 10:09 am

    Too bad for the USA. The country and Trump have become waged labor and protectors to the most vicious country on earth. It is always correct that Money can buy politicians. The late great economist Hayek said that it is always the bad go on the top in politics. Trump is a clear vindication to Hayek’s statement that the worst will go on the top.
    Basically, Trump is phony. If some drones will put oil in danger then what a war with Iran will do. It will destroy all oil in the Gulf States and all US bases in the region. The war with Iran will not increase the price of oil only but it will destroy the American dollar as the basic reserve currency in the world. There are other destructions will be occured. Time will tell.


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