Iran Says Foreign Forces Creating Insecurity In Persian Gulf


Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast says the presence of foreign forces in the Persian Gulf creates insecurity in the region.

“The principle strategy for the elimination of threats and insecurities is that foreign forces return to their region,” said Mehmanparast, adding, “Regional security would be best established by means of collective regional efforts.”

He noted that maintaining security in the vital oil-rich region of Persian Gulf is the main priority for the Islamic Republic, noting that Iran remains fully prepared to counter any threats.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman has also warned the West against any anti-Iran measures, saying such hasty moves will inflict heavy losses on the country’s enemies.

“The US and its Western allies are not able to carry out any operations against Iran and any rash, careless measure will undoubtedly impose heavy losses on them,” Mehmanparast said.

He added that the hegemonic powers’ acts of sabotage against the Islamic Republic are due to the country’s great influence on the global political developments.

Referring to the Israeli regime’s allegations that Iran was involved in the recent attacks on its embassy staff in Georgia, India and Thailand, the Iranian official added that Tel Aviv carries out such terrorist acts and puts the blame on Iran to incite the public opinion against Tehran.

Mehmanparast also added that by preparing unprecedentedly biased reports on Iran’s peaceful nuclear program and creating a negative atmosphere against the human rights situation in the country, the Israeli regime, which is the main source of terrorist acts in Iran and the whole region, wants to hinder Tehran’s progress.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman also warned against the efforts by certain countries that seek to prepare the ground for a military intervention in Syria.

Those countries that are pursuing such policies pay no heed to general interests in the region, Mehmanparast said, noting that a military intervention in Syria will be “very dangerous” to regional security and stability.

He pointed to the abduction of Iranian nationals in Syria and added that certain countries outside the region and some currents inside the region seek to meet their interests by stoking instability in the Middle Eastern state.

The spokesperson cautioned that they intend to increase insecurity and instability in Syria.

Legitimate demands of the Syrian people should be met and reforms should be made in the country, added Mehmanparast, stressing that the government of President Bashar al-Assad has so far made considerable reforms.

Mehmanparast further denounced as “illegal and inhuman” the abduction of Iranian nationals and expressed hope that following the release of 11 Iranian pilgrims, other kidnapped Iranians would be freed in the near future.

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